Friday, 7 April 2017

Grace Joel Performance

Today some of the student of Glenbrae went to Grace Joel Rest Home to perform some dances to the people who come  to Glenbrae and make us breakfast. When we got there the maori group sat of the carpet and waited to perform when it was time to present our dance we kneeled in a circle for our leader to do the call. when the call was made we said the words with power we done 2 haka performances Te iwi kiwi & Ka mate K mate. When our Haka was done our waiata from the maori girls and some tongan girls sang purea nei & Te Aroha. After them we had the toangan Girls danceing to Se Uke & the Toangan Boys danced to Pitutauake.

Up next was the Samoan Sasa Mrs tofa played the drum the dance flows with the beat of the drum.Then the final dance was the Cook Island Girls there performance was cool after they finished one of the helpers got up and danced with the Cook Island Girls.Our time at The Grace Joel Rest Home was amazing and fun


tamati said...

That Was Fun Hope We Can Do It Again

Mrs Tofa said...

Performing was fun. The greatest part for me was giving back to the volunteers who give their time to come to school in the mornings and help with breakfast. Good recount Stephen you just need to edit some parts of your recount.

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