Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Term 1 Holidayz

                               Term 1 School Holidays

On the term 1 holidays i went to Tamaki Recreation Center because there was a holiday program.When i started i had to go up to the front  and say my name i was a little nervous at first but when i got up to the front i was a little confident

.Once i said my name i sat down on the floor/seat so we can get it started.When we started i had to go in a group the three groups were O.M.G,We Lit,Diversity.

We had to stand on the black line and run and do tewangs around the court twice.

Then 1 day i brought my friend ashley-joe he hed to do the same routine as me he had to say his name then go sit down on the seat

Then we played a little game of bull rush then we got into our teams and practiced on our chant.

When we started to practice our chants we were singing it out for practice.Then we had to perform our chant.



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