Monday, 31 July 2017

Science Intenseve

Today in Miss Stone's class we had to clarify the 3 main states of matter then had to to a diagram of the 3 states. Then we had to Complete a template of water cycle

Science Intensive

Last week in Room 9 Miss sigamoney's class to learn about Earthquakes and how it can effects houses when earthquakes appear.SO when we settled into the class we watched a little video on how
earthquakes happen.

How earthquakes happen.

1.(The earths crust starts to slide past each other)

2.(New crust is formed when the old crust moves away from each other.

What causes earthquakes

1. (Earths core)

2.(What are the different ways the plates can move.1. They can slide past each other. 2. They bump into each other. 3.They can separate from each other)

3. (What happens when the plates move new crust forms)

The end Thank you for reading my small facts on earthquakes

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

William Shakespeare

For the last three days we have been learning about William Shakespeare's life.I have come across some of the things that William Shakespeare has done over his years of life like being a poet,A father,A son,and being the 3rd of 6 siblings.Here are my facts about his family,career,Early life,And education.Hope you all like it