Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Windsurfing Dog

The Windsurfing Dog

Early one evening during the summer holidays,my older brother Josh and i went down to the estuary not far from our beach house.Josh was an expert windsurfer and he had finally persuaded me to learn this  brilliant sport. We took Buddy with us because dogs were allowed on that area of the foreshore.

when we arrived,Josh immediately gave me a demonstration of how to launch the board and how to get onto it.Apparently this was as i soon found out, the trickiest skill to master.After several attempts i eventually managed to struggle from a kneeling position and take hold of the uphaul rope.As i slowley rose to a stand,the board took off and i collapsed backwards amdist hoots of laughter from josh.By now, Buddy had leapt into the water near us.

At my next attempt, i succeeded in righting the sail and then to our amazement, Buddy clambered onto the board behind me!

We are still wondering how it could be so easy for Buddy yet so difficult for me!       

Learning from the Christchurch Earthquakes

Learning from the Christchurch Earthquakes

There were 2 Earthquakes.The first in September 2010 registered 7.1 on the Richter.
Then the next year in 2011 the next Earthquake struck on the 22nd of February

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My Favourite Movie Charecters

My Favourite Movie Characters

My Favorite Movie Characters are Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee because they are good actors and fighters.

I like Jackie Chan because he is funny. I like Bruce Lee because he is a good  fighter in his movies. He has good techniques and they both have the ability and strength.

Jackie Chan is funny to me and  he is entertaining. He has a range of favorite movies like Rush Hour 1,2 and 3. They are my favourite funny movies.

Bruce Lee is strong and muscled up and has a cool smile and I like his abs. I like one of his movies  called Feast of Fury where he has to find his friends and in the end he finds his friends but they are covered in ice. Then he fights them and he wins.     
By Stephen

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Reading week 6 term 1

This Week we learnt about a chicken Skeleton

Week 6 Term 1  Saffron’s Skeleton by Marita Vandenberg

WALT: We are learning to predict what the text is about by reading the title of the text.
SUCCESS CRITERIA: I am able to confirm my prediction by reading the text.

Read the text and then do the following Activities.
Response Activity

Activity 1 - Predict
  1. Read the title of the article and then predict what the article is about. Create a table and write your prediction down.

My Prediction( You may begin like this: I guess that this article is about……...
I predict that this article is about
weird looking skeletons.
I think this article is about a little
boy that's, going around a shop full
of different shapes of Skeleton.
I guess it's about a saffron’s
Skeleton that’s is a kind of animal
that has died years ago.   
I think this article is about bones. I
think this skeleton bones is a
dinosaur bones.
This article is about saffron's skele-
ton. I think this skeleton is a animal
I think the skeleton is a chicken
This article is about Saffron’s Skel-
eton This Skeleton is from a

]Activity  2. Read the text with your group and identify the key ideas in the text to help you clarify your predictions.
Skeleton- is a type of body part made out of bone.

A skeleton is a leftover bone from an animal.

A Chickens skeleton height is tall as a tyrannosaurus rexs foot.

A skeleton is a type of a bone. When a chicken skeleton is shiny and clean it looks yellow. But a dinosaur's skeleton is white. Cool right.

A skeleton is a type of bone that people research on and find out what bones on which animal it comes from.
Activity 3 - Clarify. Make a list of any tricky or new words, phrases or ide

as.Clarify the meaning of all these  tricky words, phrases and ideas.   
* Dermestid -                  
* Vertebrates -
* gallus Domesticus -
Activity 4 - Questioning and Discussion - What did you learn from this text? What else are you wondering about?
Whitney- What I have learnt from the  text is a lot of new and  different worlds and parts of skeletons bones.

Stephen- What i have learnt from the text is a lot of skeletons in the text.

Alisi- The thing I learnt best was about saffron’s skeleton.

Loto- So i'm wondering about how does chicken's skin come of when they are dead. And also I learned heaps more stuff about bones & skeleton. There the same thing I think.

Danny-So I am wondering how come a Chicken is about the height of the tyrannosaurus rex’s foot.  And I also learned that the the dinosaurs millions years ago particular from the ferocious
Activity 5 - Share your findings on the text by creating a summary of what you have found out.
Tamati- What i have learnt from the text is a lot of skeletons in this text.

Loto- What I have learn from this text was that how to clean chickens when they're dead. That was yuck. And I have learned that chicken bones are as hard as human bones. AWESOME!!!.

Danny-In this story I have learned that fish and birds need extra bones to support their eyes. There extra bones are meant to belong to the ostrich but they use it for the birds and fishes.,
Activity 6 - Share your work on your individual blog.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Mind Map

Today we used Mind Map to animate storys