Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Windsurfing Dog

The Windsurfing Dog

Early one evening during the summer holidays,my older brother Josh and i went down to the estuary not far from our beach house.Josh was an expert windsurfer and he had finally persuaded me to learn this  brilliant sport. We took Buddy with us because dogs were allowed on that area of the foreshore.

when we arrived,Josh immediately gave me a demonstration of how to launch the board and how to get onto it.Apparently this was as i soon found out, the trickiest skill to master.After several attempts i eventually managed to struggle from a kneeling position and take hold of the uphaul rope.As i slowley rose to a stand,the board took off and i collapsed backwards amdist hoots of laughter from josh.By now, Buddy had leapt into the water near us.

At my next attempt, i succeeded in righting the sail and then to our amazement, Buddy clambered onto the board behind me!

We are still wondering how it could be so easy for Buddy yet so difficult for me!       


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